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Smokey - The Great Trout Scout with a Snout! Poodle has passion for trout!

He may no longer be there in body folks, but he's there in heart and spirit so look for Smokey the Great Trout Scout's weekly trout fishing report including river conditions, water temperatures and what the trout are looking for. Join Smokey as he dog paddles, vicariously, the waters of the beautiful Blue in search of Rainbows!

TROUT SCOUT REPORT:  Today is March 20th, 2017. Trout season is winding down, but there are still good numbers of trout in the river.

The size of these trout since mid-January has been very impressive.

The river is clear with the flow about normal as we have come to know it.

So come fishing and help clean up the trout. 

This weeks report gets two paws up. 

Keep up to date with happenings on the Blue by reading the Blue River Blog at 

Smokeys Review System:

Two Paws Up - Good Fishing

One Paw Up - Fair Fishing

One Rear Leg Hiked - Poor Fishing

The Squat - "Crap On This - Let's Go Have A Beer!"




The Tail Wag

This report brought to you in memory of Smokey the Great Trout Scout.  Long live his memory and long live Blue River.

The Smoker can't use a cell phone to call Operation Game Thief but when he sees poachers doing what they do he certainly wants to take a bite out of crime.  It is both unethical and a violation of wildlife rules, not to mention what it does to the whole of the outdoor community, to poach or go beyond established rules.  So, help the little trout scout with a snout out by plugging into your cell phone the number to Operation Game Thief - 1-800-522-8039.  You'll feel dog-gone good about it.


Smokey the amazing trout scout passed on June 4th, 2008.  He is now scouting the big waters of heaven.  His weekly trout scout report will continue given through his friend and master.  Long live the memory of Smokey and long live Blue River.