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Blue River Campground

Currently at the Blue there is no charge for camping, however campers must have an annual fishing or hunting license or a Blue River Passport in lieu of the license. Campsite availability is on a first come first serve basis; no reservations. The Blue offers primitive camping at it's best. The beautiful and rustic setting is a campers dream. 

Area 2
Area 2 is upstream from Hughes Crossing on the west side of the river. Including the parking area Area 2 offers 41 camping spots and the parking area is often used by RV owners. There is one primitive bath room facility at the north end of Area 2 and a bath room facility close to the parking area. There are seven larger falls within Area 2 and a number of ripples, pools, and eddies. From the north end of Area 2, anglers can take a trail that will lead to Desperado Springs and the south walk in trail of the south wildnerness Area.
  Area 1
Area 1 runs downstream from Hughes Crossing and is one mile long. There are 29 campsites in Area 1 along with four parking spots. At the end of Area 1 is a large camping site that can be used for group camping. There are two primitive rest room facilities in Area 1. Area 1 consists of five large falls with a number of smaller ripples, forks, and branches. During season trout can be seen rising quite often in some of the slower pools above the heads of the smaller falls.

Area 3
Area 3 is across Hughes Crossing and has 4 campsites. There is a primitive rest room facility nearby. Area 3 is a more remote camping site and access to the river is by walk in.

Areas 5 & 6
There are two campsites at Area 5. Area 5 is located across from the south end of Area 1. Campsites are located on a bluff overlooking a beautiful falls. No primitive rest room facilities.

Area 6 is one large group area which can easily accomodate 15 to 20 tents.  A primitive rest room located at Area 6. Area 6 and the upstream area is known as the "mystic" place and enchanted woods of Blue River.  The upstream water forks and splits several directions creating intimate waterways.

Area 4
Area 4 is a remote campsite with two campsites. This area is for those wanting to get away from it all. Walk in access to the river. No primitive rest room facilities.